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Club's origin.

The Ski Club 'Bela Reka' was founded in 1992. At that time, former Yugoslav national team members such as Zoran and Marko Kostić, Magdalena Kecojević, Milica, and Stefan Miljković from Brus were part of the club's skiing team.

In May 2021, the club was reactivated after several years of inactivity and stagnation of skiing in the region, thanks to the initiative of former competitor and national team member Stefan Miljković.

The original idea was to strengthen and support skiing and to focus on a few competitors who had just joined the club - Dušan and Marko Tasić, Mihajlo Miljković, Vuk Krečković, Lazar Smiljanić, Ksenija Kostić, and Lana Lukač

The club's success is a testament to its dedication and the professionalism of its team, led by President Stefan Miljkovic and trainers Mihajlo Djordjević, Strahinja Milojević, Damjan Vesović, and Prof. Mića Zorić. The impressive results in the first races were not only a source of motivation for parents but also evidence that our team is on the right track. We are proud to have introduced new members, including Racka Kostić, Mila and Anastasija Miljković, Danka Marjanović, and Lenka Petrović, to competitive skiing and see them achieve podium finishes.

At the National Championship of Serbia, our children performed exceptionally well. Mihajlo Miljković, Lazar Smiljanić, and Racko Kostić won gold medals in their respective categories, which makes us the best-placed club in the under-8, under-10, and under-12 competitions.